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Metech Instrument Organiser

Metech Instrument Organiser (MIO) is a web based instrument organiser for Element Metech's customers. All data are extracted from Element Metech's database and are updated automatically when calibration or service is performed at Element Metech. To have access to MIO, you will need an agreement with Element Metech.
The main features of MIO are:

The MIO web is easy to navigate. It consists of four pages, Start page, Instrument list, Instrument and Basic data. The Instrument list page shows a number of instruments, selected from a performed search or a shortcut. The Instrument page shows one instrument from the list. Here you can step forward or backward in the list. A new search gives a new instrument list with another selection.

Log in

To be able to log in, you need a user authorisation from Element Metech and you must have received a user name and a password.
If you are logged in without performing any activity in MIO for an hour, you are automatically logged out.

Field descriptions

If you have forgotten your password, click "Have you forgotten your password?". Write your e-mail address and push  Send  . Your password is now sent to you automatically. Note that your e-mail address is the same as your user name.

Page - Instrument list

The Instrument page list shows a list of instruments. The list consists of instruments selected by the shortcut "List all instruments with next calibration" or from a search with "Search mode". As default after login, instruments due for calibration up to and until the end of next month are listed.
A list can be sorted, ascending or descending, by selected columns and then downloaded as a pdf-file for local printing. Click one instrument in the list and you will be directed to the Instrument page where detailed information about the actual instrument can be found.


Column descriptions

Page - Instrument

The instrument page shows all information about one specific instrument. From this page you can step forward and backward within the actual instrument list. Use search to change the contents of the list. More instrument detail information are found under the tabs "Instrument information", "Service", "Purchase" and "Loan". For each instrument, there is a history table, listing earlier events, e.g. calibration, repair etc. From the history table, calibration certificates can be downloaded as pdf-files (only for calibrations performed by Element Metech). New events can be added by the user and calibration reports can be uploaded for later browsing.


Column and field descriptions

Instrument table

For information about columns, see page Instrument list, column descriptions.

Tab - Instrument data

Tab - Maintenance plan

Tab - Purchase

Tab - Loan status

History table

Page - Basic data

This page gives information about the user and the company or companies he has access to. Each company have information of registered departments and responsible people. Information can be edited direct or via e-mail forms, sent to Element Metech.


Page - User information

Under User you can find name and e-mail address for the user, currently logged in. You can also see when your last log in was. To edit user information, use the buttons [Edit][Cancel] and [Save].

Under Address register all company addresses for your company are listed. Each company have information of registered departments and responsible people. Company addresses are edited via an e-mail form. Use the buttons [Edit][Cancel] and [Send] to edit and send a request to Element Metech. Note that changes in MIO can not be seen before you have received a confirmation via e-mail.

Departments and Responsible people are added individually for each company address. Use the buttons [Edit][Cancel][Save] and [Delete] to change or delete this information. Note that if you for example change the name of a department, all instruments located at that department are updated. It is not possible to delete a department or a responsible used by an instrument. You can add new departments and responsibles using the button [Add new]. If the same person is responsible for instruments at several company addresses, you have to add him once for every company address.

Page - New instrument

Information about an instrument is updated automatically when serviced by Element Metech. If the instrument is not in MIO, it will be added at the service occasion. Instruments not serviced by Element Metech, have to be added manually, which now can not be done from MIO.

If you want to add a new instrument to MIO, that has not been serviced by Element Metech before or an instrument that will not be sent to Element Metech:

Page - New address

If your company have a new address where instruments are located (changes of active addresses are done from the page User information under Address):

Page - New user

If your company needs a new user (changes of active users are done from the page User information under User):

Calibration results

Results from a calibration are reported as:

Status is one of the following:

  1. Compliance with specification
  2. *Compliance with specification
  3. Non-compliance with specification
  4. *Non-compliance with specification
  5. Not specified
  6. Not tested

*) The confidence level is lower than 95 % at one or more points.

When reporting a calibration, next calibration date is automatically updated for status 1, 2 or 5.


The MIO web uses encrypted data by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). You can see that in the address field where the URL begins with "https://" instead of "http://". Data transfer uses encryption with 128 bits and uses a certificate issued by Verisign. The certificate can be viewed from your web browser (in Internet Explorer 6, click the padlock in the lower right corner).

If you are logged in without performing any activity in MIO for an hour, you are automatically logged out to make it more complicated for non-authorized people to get access to MIO.

Every user should think of the following:

Terms of use

Metech Instrument Organiser (MIO) is an Internet service provided by Element Metech for customers with a written agreement for using the service.

Metech Instrument Organiser requires Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or later to be able to work correctly and the local it policy must allow cookies and java script. Local transmission rate to Internet can affect the speed between the user and Metech Instrument Organiser.

The customer is responsible that all information delivered to Element Metech is correct. Element Metech is responsible that all information updated by Element Metech is correct. Element Metech is not responsible for information that the customer updates/register in MIO.

The calibration reports shown in Metech Instrument Organiser are to be seen as electronic copies of the signed paper original report, produced when calibration was performed.

Element Metech can in specific cases limit the access to Metech Instrument Organiser caused by service, security reasons or technical problems.

Element Metech has the rights to update Metech Instrument Organiser and to change these terms of use.

Metech Instrument Organiser (MIO) is a trademark, owned by Element Metech AB.

Copyright © Element Metech 2018